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Our Story

Our Story

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Dr. Catrina Knight


Founder and Director

As a stay-at-home mom of two girls, and one boy, I found myself utterly frustrated trying to find the perfect time to run errands, pick up groceries, clean the house, take a nap, get work done, or just simply take a break from it all. With a professional background as an elementary school teacher, literacy coach, and assistant principal in the DeKalb County School District, I wanted more than just babysitting for my daughter Peyton, the first pea in our pod. Once my second daughter Paige was born, and my son, Parker joined our family, the idea of a home-away-from-home with the opportunity to explore the world through social play came about. In 2013, P’s in the Pod provided that opportunity.


I wanted an ideal setting, a place that was unquestionably safe, eco-friendly, convenient, and affordable. Then I thought other children should have the opportunity to experience this as well. I believe every child deserves the best environment to learn, play and grow. Our pea pod creates explorers, dreamers, and creative thinkers.


At P's in the Pod, we give our ALL into providing the best quality organic education, while our little peas are exploring the world through social play. Our highly qualified and experienced staff provides extraordinary care, exposure to music, arts and crafts, reading in the "Pea Patch", and so much more! Natural light, modern but comfy style, environmental-friendly furniture and educational toys, combined with convenience provide the best environment for social goodness.


We know it's not easy juggling life and all its demands, but as parents, we want nothing but the best for our children at the same time; our Parents’ Morning Out and full day program provide just that.


As a devoted wife of over 19 years to my husband Joshua and a mother of three, my goal is to simplify the lives of parents, while delivering a "home-away-from home" for your children with the best care and an organic age-appropriate education. Our dream is to re-define the early learning experience and create memories that will last a lifetime.

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